About 27hundred

We have been working with light for over 30 years.

​Light shapes our perception of a space. It animates finishes and materials, enhancing our experience of a room by imbuing us with a sense of wonder and wellbeing.

We aren’t just lighting consultants; we are craftsmen & artists with ingenuity who are obsessed with light and passionate about delivering beautiful, intimate lighting solutions that are on brand.

We are hands on, offering bespoke lighting solutions for bars and restaurants.

From developing the lighting concept, to manufacturing prototypes, coordinating the installation with trades, through to the final programming of the scenes and everything in between. We have our own fully equipped manufacturing workshop at our disposal allowing us to develop prototypes at speed and manufacture the production run all in-house.

Our approach to lighting is both creative and pragmatic; we understand the fine balance between delivering the dream while maintaining a budget.

Through close collaboration with our clients, we strive to understand the essence of what is envisioned and how we can translate that into a powerful narrative that radiates through the space.

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